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Hugo Morin
Daniel Boutros

Indie Game Services consists of a highly successful team of industry professionals:

While working with IGS, Dan assists in design and production consultancy for teams in mobile, console and VR. Prior to this, he served as Portfolio Director (Games) for Skybound across all it’s IPs, including The Walking Dead, across console, mobile and VR platforms. 

Earlier work includes efforts with Oddworld Inhabitants, Capcom, Namco, THQ, The Bitmap Brothers and Sony. IP's he’s worked with include Star Wars, Spiderman, UFC, WWE, The Walking Dead, Tekken and Soul Caliber.

As a writer, his contributions were featured in C+VG, Electronic Gaming Monthly, AOL Games, UK Resistance, Wizard Magazine and PCZone. As an editor, he fronted Bravo TV’s games channel and guests spots for C+VG.

Dan’s 22 year career has spanned writing, PR, design, production, product direction, creative direction and team management. He enjoys wine, pizza and far too many cats.


Hugo is an entrepreneur with close to 20 years of experience in the videogame industry. He started his videogame career as a programmer on console titles and in 2002 founded Humagade. That company produced hundreds of mobile games based on high-profile licenses such as Madden, Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Family Guy and The Olympics (Turino and Beijing). After selling his stake in what was then one of the 10 fastest growing company in Canada in 2010, he started to mentor videogame entrepreneurs and also provide investment and consultation services to a few select companies. Hugo has literally closed hundreds of development deals over his career.


Michael is the founder of IGS and has twenty years experience in front-line video game development and publishing from within 2000AD, Marvel, Sega, Eidos and various others.

He has worked extensively in business development and sales and has built multiple projects on original and licensed intellectual property from comic books, TV and film.

Titles include Judge Dredd: Judgment on Gotham, Aliens, Akira, Tomb Raider 2, Deus Ex, Clash of the Titans, 300, Star Trek, In Fear I Trust, Monster 500, Hex, Life Is Strange mobile and many more.

He currently works as Licensing Manager for Europe at Epic Games.


John is an associate of IGS. In his day job he is CEO of Cryptozoic Entertainment. Before that he was Senior Vice President of Business Development for DC Comics. There he had a broad slate of responsibilities that include, among others, operational oversight of two publishing imprints (WildStorm and CMX Manga); Global Licensed Publishing and Interactive. He played a pivotal role in turning around the Batman video game franchise via a number of creatively and commercially successful games including: Lego Batman, Batman: Arkham Asylum, DCUO and DC vs. Mortal Kombat. He was President and co-founder of WildStorm Productions with comic superstar Jim Lee as a partner studio of Image Comics. WildStorm was successful in creating properties with reach beyond comic publishing including: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen starring Sean Connery and RED starring Bruce Willis.


Michael Wiessmuller

John Nee

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